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Friendly, high-quality dentistry in Santa Cruz with Dr. Larry Yien
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At Santa Cruz Dental, we treat patients with a tender touch and kind words as we greet you and join you chairside.Your total dental health is our top concern. Our welcoming dentist and staff will make you feel comfortable and well cared for. Dr. Larry Yien works with precision and accuracy to make your appointment as painless and stress-free as possible. He has been practicing dentistry in Santa Cruz for over 20 years.

Learn more about Santa Cruz Dental:

  • We strive to be gentle and painless as we meet your dental needs

    At Santa Cruz Dental we provide kind, gentle care to each patient taking the time to listen to your concerns and educating you about your dental health. We use leading edge anesthetics that provide the best numbing effects and when possible we use newly developed topical gels that do not need needles but are absorbed through the gums.

  • Save money and concern with our modern science and technology

    We have state of the art equipment including in our modern facility: our digital radiography system dramatically reduces the radiation exposure, digital x-rays have revolutionized dentistry and it is becoming the standard for diagnosis allowing us to diagnose dental problems and prevent advancing decay.  Our low energy laser technology Diagnodent is an ultra-sensitive cavity detector to catch early decay and offer early treatment of dental caries.  Our Dentrix software program is the dental professions number 1 software which provides seamless integration of  the information into patient charts and records giving the Dentist and Hygienist access to comprehensive information in order to provide total Dental care.

  • Many insurances accepted

    Dental Insurance can be a challenge to interpret and understand.  We have real time information on insurance plans and your benefits in our Dental Software and will provide you with information as it becomes available.  We are able to bill your Dental insurance just ask our Office Manager for more details.  We’ve made a special effort to cater to local businesses and companies with a goal to be helpful and accessible in providing Dental care to the community.

  • Healthy gums means a healthy body

    We are excited about our new hygiene program at Santa Cruz Dental.  Our Dental Hygienists strive to provide the highest quality dental care with the most current diagnostics and instrumentation.  Hygiene and Periodontics has made some major leaps and bounds as far as treatment of gum disease as well as providing painless and comfortable cleanings and deep cleanings.

  • Cosmetic veneers, crowns, and fillings

    Our fillings and crowns utilize the most current and progressive materials as we do tooth colored composite fillings and we have a selection of porcelain and zirconia based crowns and veneers.  These modern materials make for more durable and stronger restorations.  Your fillings and crowns will look better and last longer than what previous generations materials offered.

  • Brighten and lighten with whiter teeth

    With years of experience in tooth lightening we use premier materials and bleaching products.  Custom tray bleaching is still the best system if you are looking for the whitest teeth and the longest lasting results.  We also offer more user friendly bleaching options with an in office “one time”  in chair bleaching much like the “Zoom” technique it takes about 45 minutes and you walk out that day with lighter teeth.  We also offer a disposable strip type bleaching like the “Crest strips”, our strips are faster acting and more effective than the over the counter products.  We advocate using the Opalescence bleaching products, they are effective, ph balanced and utilize desensitizers to minimize tooth sensitivity, they are also very safe and bio-compatible.

Larry Yien

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